The Project

massive art project about marriage love stories

The Marriage Story Collector project started in 2016, when a series of casual coffee conversations with friends led to deeper discussions about relationships. Now grouped together on

“I found a lot of interest in this recurring theme, both personally and in my art practice. I decided to embark in an exploration. My curiosity and drive to connect with people inspired me to have interviews with strangers about the intimate subject of marriage.

These actions forced me to evaluate my own life and how I am connecting with people around me. In the ever-growing world of social media, it’s ironic to me that we are becoming less and less connected.

Through these meetings with strangers, the participants and I are forced to give up time to spend talking about this intimate subject matter.

This act itself is priceless.

The space that we create is the ultimate (or original) Face Time, a rarity in today’s fast-paced world. Each encounter is completely unique, as each person comes in with their own experiences and ideas of the subject. All conversations are anonymous. As of today, I have collected 60 encounters, a collection which I plan to continue to grow forever into eternity.”

 – by Daniela Antelo.