A different kind of love…

Some people say that women go through a big change around 27. Then another in their 40’s that could coincide with the 20 year part of marriage. It’s a time in your life when you could be prone to changing your mind about things. And we don’t talk about that.

When I had my affair, I was focusing on being busy to avoid suicide. “I have places to be this week, so I cant kill myself this week,” I would say. People are depending on me so I have to be alive another week… I always needed something to do to keep going.

I still wish that had never happened at all. I nearly put a gun to my head. Now I am a completely different person. My husband and I are in a different place but I nearly put a gun in my head at the time. The night he found out was through an email on my phone. He didn’t know the details until that night. All I could think about was I had to kill myself because Im going to lose everything. My house, my marriage and this other guy is not even around. I ruined my life. And when I get divorced I will have no money for my dance classes. One reason I want to get into university again is because when I am learning, I don’t think about him. I can’t think of a better way to get rid of him than to get a degree. People go into it for all kinds of reasons, but I think this would do the trick. The amount of love my husband showed after this all came out… I didnt think he could think outside the box so much but he did understood what I was feeling.

I know he knows that I am still in love with this other man. You can’t fix everything in one day or one year but I also don’t trust this other man any more. I don’t want him in my life. He is bad for me. My husband and I are a compact unit focused on what we both need. We know the world is a difficult place and it’s better to be in a partnership. There’s so much stimulation. If we could find a quieter existence near the mountain we would be extremely happy. I am determined to live my life with my husband.

When I had this affair, I just know that I felt… I felt a completely different kind of love that I didn’t believe existed. Other wordly, falling in love, completely irrational. It wasn’t the same way I love my husband. But I have renewed my commitment to him and I wont make that promise again. I was trying to figure out how to stay alive the whole time. I am still angry at the universe. I don’t like that it happened. I feel horrible but I wasn’t in control for how my heart felt. I can’t feel guilty because that’s what my heart felt.

Forgiveness is about taking back the power for yourself. I try to remember that I tried to commit suicide. Maybe in 10 years ill see it different but I don’t want to simplify it. Was it really love? Every now and then ill write him a letter I never send. I have to have a place to write my thoughts. Sometimes I write myself a letter. But sometimes I want to write him. Maybe that’s the lesson. Maybe there is somebody worst that will come across but now I’m on guard. I misjudged how he felt. I was so wrong, so naïve, I wish that I had been more cynical. I don’t want him to have any more of me. He can’t claim me as a friend. He claims all his ex lovers as friends. I wont let him have that. I wished I had known the changes that women go through. It doesn’t matter if I figure it out or not. I don’t know how to turn it off to think about him. I just wake up each day saying why did it happen. I don’t know how to turn that off. I do know time helps. There was misjudgement on his part. I learned a lot of things from this, like to not over plan and live in the moment.

I keep dancing.

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