Sex should start before you get to the bedroom…

how to sex and marriage

Woman in her 50’s. Married for 22 years. Divorced.

Marriage is a legal commitment. That’s it. The legality of living together.

I met my first husband in college. We lived in the same dorm. I didn’t know he was the person I wanted to marry. We ended up living in the same house because I was friends with his roommate. I invited his roommate to live with us and we started sleeping together and then I got pregnant. I married him because we decided I was having the baby and I wanted for him to be a part of it. By the time we were doing all those things, I figured rationally we should be married. It was the least romantic marriage ever. The fact that we made it 22 years is a miracle.

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The easy out weights the hard…

Woman in her mid 20’s.  Married for 11 months.

Marriage is doing life with another person wholeheartedly even when its hard and even when its easy.

I would have done different things like traveling, but I moved states because of my husband and I am making things work. Eating dinner together, deciding what movie to watch, doing the deed, that’s always easy. The easy out weights the hard, which is always good. I don’t resent that I didn’t do my traveling, because in the grand scheme of things, I am happier now with what I chose. I don’t know if I’m just happy in my own skin or in my own life but I don’t feel like I’m in need of anything.

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