Daniela Antelo is a multi-disciplinary artist working in Houston, TX. She received her MFA in Sculpture from the University of Houston in 2015.

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela but has lived and travelled extensively.

Her works involve performance and audience participation through time-based installations. She often uses elements of sculpture with her other passion, which is dance and movement.

She is interested in process more than final product. Her inspiration often comes from the potential of the random. In addition to studying visual arts, she trains in modern dance and ballet since 2007, working with a variety of choreographers both in Houston and the Middle East.

She has performed and shown work at institutions such as:

  • Zoya Tommy Gallery
  • Lawndale, Diverse Works
  • Alabama Song, University of Houston’s Blaffer Gallery,
  • The Barn
  • Asia Society
  • The Wortham Theater
  • Hope Stone Center
    • And much much more…

For Daniela, collaboration is a major part of her work. Daniela continues to collaborate with local artists in the creation of visual art works.